Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hermann Dogfish Cyclocross 2014 - Ouch Edition

 I was the first guy to sign up for Hermann, so they gave me number 1.  That's always a good start!
 My two partners in crime, Hanna and Tyson, came with me to Hermann.  Hanna is the official photographer, so she took a photo of me in my warm-up costume.  I'm flashing her the horns, which she really thinks is funny.
Random shot of me, at least she didn't focus in on my nose hairs.  

It was a killer five-way race at the front tonight.  At one point, I crashed into another rider who had crashed in the sand pit.  Ouch.  Somehow, I fought back to the leaders, made a move, and finished 2nd.  My heart rate hit 185 bpm for the last two minutes of the race, and averaged 175 for the entire 42 minutes.

Cyclocross is HARD!

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