Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom Zimmer

 The beautiful Mrs K and her brothers and sister put together a wonderful birthday celebration for their mother.  Complete with decorations, cake, food, friends and family, it was held at our church.
 There was an awesome slide show that included some great photos from yesteryear and yesterday.  Mrs K even had the Oldies station playing on the iHome.
I didn't count how many people showed (more than 50!), but the room was filled and the food was gone.  When it was time for cake, Eli and Deanna helped Mom Z blow out the candles.   Not really, she blew them out on her own and she said she hoped this many people came to her 100 year old birthday party.  I bet more will come!

Thanks Mrs K for your hard work, it was fun for everyone and a fitting tribute to someone who is loved so much.

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