Friday, July 25, 2014

Tomahawk sees more trail time

Three mountain bike rides in a week?  Preposterous!

Sunday I attended the mountain bike race at St. Joe state park.  Love the course.  It was rocky and fast at the same time.  I sucked, but the trail experience was top notch.  Thursday I did quite a few laps at Castlewood on the Blue Ribbon (officially Cedar Bluff?) trail.  That trail feels like such a throwback to me.  So 1990.  Speaking of  throwback, I rode the Chubb Trail today, and I started at Lone Elk.  I'd have to go back in the archives to find the last time I started there.  Still, 90% of the reason to do the Chubb trail lies on the West Tyson side.  Regardless, it was nice to get more seat time on the Foundry Tomahawk 27.5.

Maybe another mountain bike ride early Sunday morning?  Only if the rain holds off.

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