Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Car Watching - 1969 Mercury Comet

 Rolling through Shrewsbury, this super clean Mercury caught my eye.  Normally, I call them all Montego's.  I always forget that the Comet and Montego were twins down to the trim levels, much like their cousins, the Fairlane and Torino.  My 1968 Torino had the same body lines, although I like the grill and tail better on the Mercury cars.
 This baby was in magnificent original condition.  Great paint, no wrinkles, no visible rust, no ugly aftermarket wheels, no big exhaust hanging out of the back.  The first photo shows a bit of very light gold pinstriping on the hood.
This view is the best.  While the entire car says "1969", this view exemplifies 60's American automobiles.   Who knows what is under the hood?  Being a '69, it could have been a 250 6-cylinder, a 302 V-8 (most likely), a 351w (maybe), or a 428 (probably not). 


Carol Jackson said...

Hi! Its mine. You caught it vacationing at "Mr. Rays Luxury Auto Resort" for some "motor mount therapy." My mother bought it in 1976. Sorry you caught it kind of messy. It is a tough very well behaved little 302. guy from the Facebook page "Mercury Muscle" found your photo and posted it there. FB friend of mine who races a Comet saw his post and alerted me. then the Mercury Muscle guy told me how he found the photo and I looked you up. Glad you like the car!I've liked it well enough to keep it 38 YEARS-so far! :)

Tim Kakouris said...

Hi! Thanks for catching up with me. I passed the car a couple days in a row and I had to take a few shots. I love it! So glad you have given it a good home all these years! Keep up the good work.