Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jefferson Barracks - And why can't I find that gravesite?

 I have ridden to Jefferson Barracks twenty times over the years to see my dad's grave site.  I ride at the park, which is adjacent to the cemetery, quite often.  But it seems that when I ride my bike to the cemetery I lose my way.  I don't think there has every been a time when I've actually found Dad's headstone while on my bike.  Call me crazy.
 So this morning, when I again could NOT find the stone, I rode home, showered, and DROVE back down to the cemetery before work and FOUND the head stone.  Something about being in the car must awaken my feeble mind and I figure out that it's on THAT side of the cemetery.  Anyway, since we did not visit during memorial day weekend, I had to make time to go.
 I'm scowling during this pitiful selfie because, for the life of me, I couldn't get the button to work.  When it finally worked, this is what I was left with.  Titled "Grumpy Selfie with Dad".
I then noticed that there was a tiny deer curled up behind one of the headstones very close to where I was unsuccessfully taking a selfie.  I turned my camera over to take a photo and he bolted.  But I still took a rather cute photo of him.

It wasn't the same visiting Dad without the family.  Maybe on Father's Day we can get it all together and get some proper photos together.  I feel like I will let them forget him if I don't remind them, since none of them ever met Dad.

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