Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break means Unpaid Labor

Eli, flashing us the horns.

Spring Break week for the kids.  That means a lot of idle time.  Eli, however, has been pestering me to allow him to come to work with me at the store.  I gave in and brought him along today.

Our first order of business was sweeping and cleaning.  We swept the rugs and the floors, we wiped counters, took out trash...that was all before opening at 10am.  After that, he test rode select models of bikes to ensure their solid build qualities.  Then he supervised the guys in the service department (while sweeping there, too) and cleaned up after Chris Ploch's messes.  Add in a bit of playing with the dogs (and a little computer time) and we called it a day.

He only has 8 more years before I can pay him.

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