Friday, March 07, 2014

Something I have to Say

What can I say?  Nothing.  No excuses (again) for not posting anything on my blog for a month.  I have a reason, but no excuse.

The reason that I have neglected to post is my wife, the beautiful Mrs. K.  She is 51% of this union, and she has been seriously ill for quite some time.  It's been really hard on her.  She no longer works for Big Shark, or anywhere else, because many days she can't make it out of the front door.  We don't know what the cause is, and it's taken considerable blood and treasure to hear every health professional tell us just that: they don't know. 

We have lost a lot of friends over the last couple of years.  We just can't keep in touch the way we want, we have disappointed people who have counted on us, we've made promises that we couldn't keep, and we have stopped being the active and social people that we want to be.  It is very isolating. It's something that crept up on us.  We just kept trying to be normal, and we're not.  Chronic illness does that.

We're not beaten.  We'll do what it takes to find out what's going on and we will do what it takes to fix it.

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Adrienne said...

So sorry Tim I hope Deanna gets better soon hinting of you and your family