Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chubb Trail: West Tyson and Flint Quarry on a Cold Day

 It came to me as I was complaining about it being so cold:  I could go ride my mountain bike!  It's dry!  So, I did.  I went to the West Tyson side of the Chubb trail because ain't nobody got time for the flat section along the river.  I was in need of some rocks, and there are no rocks like Chubb rocks.
 The trails were a delight today.  Not one speck of mud, nor a speck of soft dirt.  In fact, there was a hint of dust in the air.  Dust and Stan's sealant, as I sliced a crappy OEM tire on P.O.S. Blue.  Flat fixed, I enjoyed the rocks.  I did some exploring, too, as there are a couple of off-shoots of trail that I wanted to check out.  They became too rugged to ride and became mostly hike-a-bikes so I turned back to the main trail.
There is something special about mountain biking when the trees are still bare.  The sight lines are so good, and views from the ridge tops are spectacular.  All in all, a great day at Chubb Trail.

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