Monday, August 05, 2013

Proud Dad with Mountain Biking Kids

Last Sunday, Deanna and I took Eli to Cliff Cave for some mountain biking fun.  He did great.  Yesterday, I had a golden opportunity to take all of them.

Tyson is already a great bike rider and has done a few of the kids mountain bike races.  Of course, he did very well.  Hanna has always done well in the kids road races at the various criteriums around town, but has never taken well to riding in the dirt.

Sunday was awesome.  Tyson led Hanna for a long lap through almost all of the trails there while I led Eli.  It was really a great combination.  I took Tyson alone with me on a hot lap, in which he did exceptionally well, and then I took a lap by myself.  No falls, no complaining, just a lot of fun.  I am so proud of them for getting along and having fun, even though they are at very different levels.  We even stopped at QT on the way home for snacks.

A few eagle eyed readers will notice some of the familiar hardware in the photo.  Hanna is aboard the red Homegrown, Tyson is riding the blue Homegrown (with clipless shoes and pedals!), and Eli is straddling Hanna's old 24" Trek FX.  We believe in hand-me-downs here at the Kakouris residence!

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