Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cape Girardeau Mountain Bike Race

This was the fifth year for the Cape Girardeau race at the "new" location.  Prior to 2009, it was in another location inside the city of Cape.  That one was a sweaty mess, and apparently Mother Nature didn't like it and consistently sent her wrath on race day with 101% humidity to go along with the dense foliage.  The change to this venue was literally like a breath of fresh air.  It's a very open design, with roller-coaster like action and non-stop fun.  The first photo is from the first lap on "the hill", where countless buffoons spend the entire race trying to get the racers attention.  I am seen emerging from a massive smoke bomb, one of the more annoying and acrid way of showcasing the race.
Late in the race, Sam Moore and Brad Brown join me in wondering how a 16 year old kid could mash our souls so badly and so quickly.  Anyway, I ended up 4th.  Great weather, great course, and even a thunderstorm after the race was over couldn't turn this into a bad day. 

Thanks to Zach Young for taking great photos at the race!!!!

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