Sunday, October 07, 2012

SuperPrestige 'Cross Race at Gordon Moore Park

Thanks again to Mike Dawson for always providing proof that I was actually there.

Hermann.  Faust Park.  Now Gordon Moore in Alton.  The commonality?  Wide open courses with long drags in the grass requiring lots of pedal power.  The bane of my cyclocross existence.  I suffered like a pig and, as Scott Peipert says, I was "gifted" a couple of places to get 6th. 

But I didn't hate it.  It was actually pretty fun.  I think the plethora of climbs helped keep me interested, and kept me from getting 15th, too.

The Alton race series is awesome.  St. Louis 'crossers should certainly seek this series out to get their 'cross season moving earlier.  A big thanks to the crew at Wild Trak Bikes for putting this thing on.

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