Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rosco P Coltrain 1999-2012

My Handsome Boy

Rosco was my 32nd birthday present.  He was Rudy's slightly younger brother.  Rosco was bigger, faster, and more feisty.  He barked at me during the first hour after he came home, even though he was only 8 weeks old.  He never met a dog he really liked (at least he wouldn't admit it) and he never met any humans he disliked.  Funny how different he and Rudy were in that respect.

Rosco and I started a bond pretty much right away.  We gravitated to one another, maybe it was our restlessness.  I loved watching him chase squirrels and birds...and whatever else moved.  He would jump at the fence when a bird was sitting on it.  He would bark when he heard another dog bark in the distance.  He wanted everyone to know that he is available for a fight.  And fought he has.  He was nearly eaten by one of my friend's pit bull.  He's had numerous fights with possums, and a run-in with a raccoon. 

Rosco amazed me with his energy.  Up with the sun (and usually a couple of other times during the night), he couldn't wait to hunt the back yard.  Yet, I've never seen any living thing sleep so hard.  I took hundreds of photos of him sleeping...but not just sleeping...sleeping in bizarre and adorable positions.  Rosco could find the softest, most comfortable spots in any situation.  He would pace the house, leaping on the couch, the beds, and anything else until he found THE spot.

And through it all, I always called him my shadow.  He followed me everywhere that I would let him follow.  If I sat, he lay next to me.  If I slept, he slept next to me...and sometimes on top of me. 

He was mostly a healthy dog.  He had the odd stomach bug, and he had to get stitches for a huge cut one time, but otherwise he was a durable 11 pound dog.  Last year, he began having stomach and bladder issues.  After surgery, he bounced back but he was 12 years old and it was harder for him to be the terror of the Kakouris household. 

Last night, he finally gave in to his multiple problems.  It was October 13th, our dear departed Rudy's birthday.  Rosco was a couple months short of his 14th birthday. 

I loved this creature like my child.  I hear people say that a lot, but for me it's truth.  I worried about him like I worry about my human children.  We had a connection that I think only a few people understand, and more people probably shake their heads at.  I guess you just have to believe me.

Rosco died in my arms last night.  I don't remember what it was like without him.  I am so lucky to have had him in my life for so long, and I hope and pray that I gave him a life worthy of his gift to me.

Rosco, I love you.


ClaySloan said...

Sorry for your loss Tim.

Tom Lambrecht said...

I've led a sheltered life, but few things cut me and the Missus as deeply as when our sweet Chicago-street mutt, Sisa, passed away after 14 years of being our baby, our hiking partner and our guardian.

There are few things worse than losing a canine companion. Our hearts go out to Rosco's family.

Tom Lambrecht said...

We got a card when our beloved Sisa passed away after fourteen years of being our best friend and constant companion--it had this qhoute which pretty much summed it up for me:

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” ― Will Rogers

Our condolences for your loss, Tim (and to the rest of Rosco's family)

TK said...

Thank you Tom, Clay. You are very kind.