Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm No Fool

I've watched professional cycling for a long time now.  I was first interested in the off-road scene, but gradually became more interested in the much more diverse pro road scene.  The teams, the riders, the bikes, the incredible race's all very interesting to me.

I watched.  I read.  I still watch, and I still read.  I don't suspend reality while doing so, as one might do during a science fiction novel or movie.  I don't think for one minute, while enjoying a sport that I love, about who's doping and who isn't.  That's not for me to decide.  By the time the riders get to the television screen in front of me, I believe they deserve to be there.  Deserve?  Correction.  They did what it took to be there.  I'll worry about whether it was doping or hard work later, when the story hits the media outlets.  Until then, it's entertainment, it's passion, it's determination.

I'll continue to enjoy my favorite sport, just as I always have.  I understand that every professional sport has an incredible amount of illegal drug use.  Just as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball fans enjoy their sports, I enjoy mine.

I'm no fool.  I love cycling.

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