Monday, February 27, 2012

Putting the B's on Greensfelder

My very first mountain bike ride was at Greensfelder in 1988.  In fact, it was my first ride and my first race all at the same time.  It has always been a wild place...rocky, rough, unruly..  Marty and I have always said that if you ride at Greensfelder enough, it will get you.  And it has taken skin and bone from me multiple times.

That has changed somewhat.  Our wonderful friends at GORC have saddled the beast and taken the trail down from Level 10 Unruly to Level 8 Rockstar in just a couple of years.

I sampled this goodness two weeks ago with awesome results.  And I was one of the lucky few to get out on the trail on Sunday, too, just after the Gorc crew had added yet another delicious morsel of trail.  I was there in the late afternoon, and the slime had been subdued and the trail was nearly picture perfect.

I rode two big loops of the three main biking trails and I was pooped.  But a good pooped.

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