Monday, February 27, 2012

The kids that surround me

 When I got home from work one night, I was greeted by a hoard of wild kids.  This was Max, some kid we picked up by the road side somewhere.  He happened to be related so we let him hang around.
 This is Tyson.  He lives here.
 This kid with enormous brown eyes lives here, too.  The flashlight is not permanently attached to his tongue, it only looks that way.
 This is Hanna, flanked by Max and Cassie.  She appears to have eaten a hot pepper, or perhaps she just realized that she forgot her IPad charger at home.
 This is Max again, praying to the God of Redhead kids.
 Tyson again, also praying to the God of Redhead kids and forgetting the words.
Tyson again, who looks now to have been kicked in the crotch.  Or maybe he is admiring Max's shoes.

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