Monday, August 22, 2011

tyson's mountain bike adventure

this was tyson's second trip to cape girardeau for the cyclewerx mtb race. cool new off the front racing wear, too! last year, he won in a very small field. this year there were two separate groups. sorry for the balding image of me included in this photo.
tyson had a slowish start, but then began to pick off everyone. it was very early in the race when he emerged at the front. the beautiful, picturesque course in cape is a delight.
tyson was carving corners like an old pro.
his standing climbs were great.
check out this corner carve! wow.
4 laps of a fun little course saw tyson take second place.
tyson with the local fast kid, who, believe it or not, was only 9. his size said that he was 13!
but tyson was still quite pleased with his performance.


Anonymous said...

Tanner who got first is my next door neighbor. He turns ten in september. That was his first race! My son Tommy got third he's only 8. He finished on Tyson's heels last year as well, but he's been racing since 6. It was cool to get alot more of the local kids out racing, they were soooo nervous before the race, kinda like the old BMX days!

TK said...

man, that's a fast neighborhood you have there! i really wish we could make it to more of the mtb races with kids fields. and i wish more of them were like the cape race. top notch! congratulations to tommy and your neighbor tanner. great kids!