Monday, August 22, 2011

cape girardeau mtb race

i just love this race. it may start in a field next to highway 55, but that's the only downside of the whole thing. we had a nice size field. you can see here that i have my nice, new off-the-front team kit.
marty, aka kaiser soze, was looking so-pro in his big shark kit. and he looks darn serious here, too. looks like he's giving tom albert the stink eye.
we had a fabulous race. very quickly it turned into a 4 man, 40+ cat 1 show. how do the young'uns sleep at night knowing that us old men are putting the hurt on them?? here, sam moore is showing us how it's done.
i'm making a feeble attempt at a pass here. i made it, but by races end i was solidly third. my bike handling was some of the best i've done in years, but my fitness is awful. i'm very proud of my 3rd place, and very respectful of sam and bob arnold, who smoked me in the end. of course a tip of the hat to john matthews, always an amazing competitor, who made us all hurt for 4 good laps.
crossing the finish line alone. just look at the view into the trail. how could anyone not love cape girardeau??
the dust was epic. my arms and legs are coated. and that pepsi throwback was absolutely amazing after the hard fought race! thanks to the beautiful mrs k and hanna for being the most wonderful bottle handlers for me!

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