Tuesday, December 14, 2010

driving is something some people do better than others

i had been given the lay of the land for the newest closet layout by my wife over the weekend, and i knew that sooner or later i would need to hit the hardware store for the supplies i would need. my local hardware store, of course, did not have the variety of quality wood that i wanted for shelving. that required loading up the flex with the boys and heading to home depot. that also meant getting gas at quik trip.

that's when i took this photo.

the woman piloting this abomination of a minivan was short and impossibly stout. that probably meant that when she was backing up over the piles of windshield washer fluid, she couldn't crane her fat neck around to see what she had hit. so, she kept going until the convenient and yellow concrete safety poles stopped her dead.

there was a cop parked just out of the photo, and he had his lights on. he motioned several times for her to pull forward, but we could see that she would row furiously at the gear shift lever on the column whilst causing no forward motion. it appeared as though she was impossibly stuck.

we got our gas, some snacks, and waited a very long time for eli to buckle his seat belt, but the rotund little woman in the ugly minivan was still there when we left. let's hope that the tow truck can un-stick her from the cardboard, washer fluid bottles, and wooden palettes.

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