Friday, August 13, 2010

just some photos to have fun with

i thought i'd start with a nice one from 1987. i'm sitting on the hood of my mom's 1981 chevy malibu. i had a lot of hair.
everyone is intently listening to something sissy is saying in tyson's room. eli is appropriately hiding his goods.
recently, i grew some new chops. i grew them for 3 days and called it quits. hair is itchy.
i bet you're thinking...does this kid EVER wear a shirt??
starting the long process for bedtime. yes, the placard on the bed says "bed".
hanna is in a wedding in october and we picked her dress up last weekend. she is positively radiant!
oooooh, that's a long way up there. maybe i'll just go sleep some more.
this is a family sight, so there will be no elmo underwear sightings.
sporty spice.
pippy longstocking.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Lookin' good Ray. Lookin' real good. That stone washed pant leg appears to be tapering pretty severely. That thing wouldn't be cuffed and tight rolled now would it?