Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cape girardeau crankfest

i spent the better part of an evening last week getting the bikes ready for different races. the kids were supposed to be in the whitecliff kids triathlon, but it filled up before i signed them up. i dialed in the superfly for the cape girardeau mtb race.
all was not lost, though, as the cape race had a kids event. one lap of a very fun, fast course for them. tyson was all jazzed about it (off-roading is not hanna's thing) and posed here for a pre-race photo. he dominated the 10-under race, beating the second place dude by 3 minutes and came in only a minute and a half behind the 11-13 year old winner. great job!
waiting for the awards, eli begins to groom me like a primate. hanna is counting all of her goal-for-it points in her head, and tyson is reveling in the glory of his medal.
ah, second place overall. it was a great race for me, fighting it out with the amazing john rines for 7 laps. i was quite proud of myself for overcoming a bad week, but i didn't overcome enough to beat john. sometimes he's just too fast. we were both within a minute of our course times last year, on an identical course, thus proving we had another good battle. were both one win, one loss for cape, maybe we'll have a tie breaker in 2011!

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