Thursday, August 19, 2010

hanging out in the B race

dedicated to the one true Sand

despite the very real threat of being labeled a sandbagger by the st. louis cycling community, i have been racing the B race at the tuesday night world championships. it seems any time a rider around here has some moderate success in an event (road, cross, mtb, etc.) he is expected to immediately move up to the next category.

actually, i agree with such things.

however, do to the beautiful mrs k's schedule, tuesday is a tough day to make it out of the house before 6pm. the A race starts at 6pm. and, since the B race is for juniors, masters, and cat 4 riders, i do qualify. hell, i'm 43 freaking years old.

so. the B race it is.

last week, i was wobbly and pulled out a second. two days ago, i pulled off the prime AND the race win...and believe it or not, i was even more wobbly. i was motivated to do something, though. i hit out after that prime and NEVER recovered. i was still near redline on the last lap, so i pushed the vomit deep into my esophagus and let 'er rip.

so, sue me. when you are all 43, i will not begrudge you a win in the B race.

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Chris said...

With the red backpack and the best stories EVER!? Man I miss hanging out with that guy.