Sunday, September 02, 2007

yes, eli was there, too

now, dad, i distinctly remember you telling me that dura ace was better than ultegra, and i definitely see ultegra right here on the shifter.
hanna was very excited about her medal, and eli was dying to check out the trainer while i was warming up friday night. he didn't seem to mind that i was sweaty, stinky, and crabby.

hanna: dad, i really want to win tonight. i'm nervous
dad: i only care that you try your hardest. if you do that, you have a great chance to win.
hanna: i'm going to pedal past the finish line this time and beat them all.
eli: heeeeeeey! that guy has a spongebob t-shirt on! check it out!


Anonymous said...

Tim, I don't know you personally; I stumbled onto your blog at Bike Drool and have enjoyed reading. I'm a race official and a grandma so between your bike stuff and cute pictures of your kids, I'm hooked.

I was on the judges stand Friday at Lafayette Square and saw a woman (I'm guessing it was grandma) carrying Eli down the other side of the street and thought, "Hey, that's Eli!" I had to laugh at myself.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting updates that I enjoy with my morning coffee.
-Pam Caldwell

TK said...

you're very welcome! i'm glad you take some time to visit.