Tuesday, September 11, 2007

oh yeah...i ride, too

lately it seems like there is so much more interesting stuff to post about than my own riding. i like reading other people's stories about their riding and training, but i hate to bore people with my own tales. so, i usually save it for a good story. i sometimes wish i had a disclaimer attached that said i wouldn't be offended if you skimmed over it and onto the next blog. that said...

since i wimped out on saturday's mountain bike race at greensfelder, i knew i had to do something worthwhile. still raining, i had no choice (no choice in my mind!) but to ride-----the trainer! i sort of looked forward to it, since i have a power tap. it's like i have a way to quantify the effort, which makes the effort more worhtwhile....i guess. so i did intervals, which were quite satisfying, not quite exhausting, and sweaty. i was quite pleased that my 5 minute power was in the 330's, and repeatable. maybe that's not good, but it's good for me.

sunday was another chance to ride. the weather was dodgey in the morning, so we went to church and came out to glorious sunshine and humidity. eli was rolling on very little sleep and lots of piss and vinegar, so when he fell asleep in the car, we went with it. we drove around a bit before meeting my brothers and my sister for lunch at bandanna's. it is very rare that we get together, so it was a welcome gathering. after ingesting enough barbeque'd turkey to choke a horse, we all headed out. i wasn't riding for a while, i tell you that much.

finally, around 4pm, i saddled up and determined i would do the sunset south loop. pardee, eddy and park, old watson, robyn, rott road, weber hill road, kennerly, tesson ferry, down wells past suson park, meramec bottom road, heintz, baumgartner, telegraph, fine, becker, christopher, telegraph and back on the grant's trail. about 45 miles and 8 good power climbs.

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Schvonzie said...

Season's over. No more racing till February in Tucson a la Josh Carter style. Man, you had my wheel at The Hill after i got pushed back in from the flat. You should have just tagged along to the front. It was way more dangrous where you were, especially with goons like me flatting all over the place.