Monday, September 17, 2007

tour of missouri madness

i'm more worn out from a weekend off of work than i am from a week of work.

deanna and i started the weekend off by dragging the kids to the local parade saturday morning. i'm not one for crowds, but we found a nice parking spot next to the road and tailgated from the freestyle. hanna and tyson had a blast, while mrs k and i fought to keep eli engaged in something other than running out into the street. i walked the older kids over to the bakery next door and got some yummy stuff to tide us over until the parade was over.

after that, we parted ways. i went to do some off-roading, and the girls and eli headed west for the finish line at st. charles. i rode for a couple of hours on the top fuel, then added a couple of 15 minute threshold intervals for good measure. of course, that meant i'd be getting to st. charles for the finish of saturday's TOM stage just in time for the finish. actually, i missed it. i had to park so far away, i listened to the announcer say that danny pate won. woe is me. i met the family at the awards presentation anyway, said hi to a lot of people i knew, then high tailed it to some hot wings place for dinner. hanna and her friend paige helped me chase eli around the parking lot while mrs k waited for the check. he yard saled a few times on the pavement and just kept going.

sunady, we all got up, however slowly, and went to church. eli has been working on staying awake 24 hours a day, and has nearly succeeded, only sleeping a few minutes here and there to recharge his considerable batteries. we parted ways again in the afternoon, as mrs k and hanna took off for katie's wedding shower. i took tyson down to forest park to check out the TOM. we parked on lindell and rode our bikes over to the hot corner at deboliver.

i hope this works. i've never uploaded video before. this is from the median on forest park parkway. i'm laying down on the pavement so i can get a view of the riders as they go by. i think i utter an explative, so use your volume at your own risk. they were CLOSE!

we watched several laps go by, then we called it a day. well, not really. the beautiful mrs k was still at the shower. i picked hanna up and drove her home, then came back to the house for more chores. the freestyle was at the 5000 mile limit for the oil, so after letting it cool, i changed it, then took out the trash. add in a little laundry, some dishes, and chasing eli around, i was ready to drop.

i look forward to work!

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