Sunday, May 07, 2017

Crowded Day at Creve Coeur Off-Road Trails

I was trying to catch the mix of colors and the photo came out absolutely incredible.

I don't usually ride my mountain bike locally on the weekends.  I'm pretty averse to crowds and prefer to open the four-barrel when there are open trails and blue skies.  I got my blue skies today but I paid for breaking the weekend rule.  I sort of thought Creve Coeur would be sparsely populated today since the lower part of the park is still flooded.  Indeed, everyone just migrated upward to the off-road trails.

On one lap, I know I didn't get a full hundred yards without passing another user.  On foot, on bike, with dogs, with kids, whatever.  It was nuts.  I won't say I didn't have fun, because not only was I going strangely well, but the other users were unusually nice today.  I even threw in a couple of runs up the gravel service road to up my elevation and encountered a nice lady talking merrily on her cell phone each time I passed.  It was quite a sight at the bottom of the gravel road...water, water everywhere.  Quite a flood, that.

I was suffering a bit.  My aforementioned wrist is still pretty touchy, but my Garmin told me when I got home that I was mostly faster than I've ever been at CCP. 

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