Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Car Watching - Tesla Model S P85D

 The Tesla Model S P85D.  It is at the forefront of electric car technology.  691 horsepower from two electric motors.  3.1 seconds to 60mph.  253 mile range.  I drove it.  I put the pedal to the carpet and I can tell you that it's the single quickest car I have ever experienced.  The acceleration will make you dizzy.  There is no wheelspin.  No drama.  Hardly any noise.  Just WARP SPEED MR SULU AND DAMN THE TORPEDOS acceleration.
 And yet, the most interesting thing about the Model S is not it's speed or performance credentials.  It's a technological wonder.  It is a car designed by tech people, and it shows in every aspect of the car.  It's a car that Tony Stark would have designed for Iron Man if he wasn't so busy messing around with Pepper Potts.  Batman will probably drive one of these in future movies after trading in his Lamborghini.  Yes...it's a super hero's car.
 The brakes are massive, massively powerful, and you won't use them much because of the regenerative braking that the electric motors automatically utilize while you drive.  It's eerie how the gas pedal works as speed controller, both to go faster and slower.
 This symbol means business.  Not many automobiles can keep up with this car.
 Normally the door handles are flush with the beautiful lines of the Model S.
When in the presence of the key fob, they will elegantly flow outward, and you can get into the chariot of the future.

I have seen the future, and it's not internal combustion engines.  It's battery-powered electric motors, and they are bad ass.

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