Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Car Watching - 427 Cobra Replica

 This is the first time I've seen this car since 2009.  My friend John uses this car once in a while to blow out some cobwebs.  This time, we need to clean out the cobwebs from the car.  It has sat for a while.  The battery was completely dead and the gas is a bit old.
 It's an amazingly stark interior.  No radio, no door handles, a few toggle switches, important gauges...but the important stuff is here.
 It's a 427 Cobra replica. 
 The view is so iconic, and it looks completely at home with a little dust on it.  Like every one of these cars, it's hard to live with in every day life.  But it sits and waits for it's owner to fire it up and stretch it's legs.
 It's a 427 replica, but this is no 427.  It's a 351w bored and stroked to 408ci.  The spec sheet is a mile long, with 11:1 compression ratio and a forged crank. There are some top notch go-fast parts in there.
After a bit of wrangling, it spat and bucked for a couple moments and then it loped and gurgled and woke the neighbors through the side pipes.  There are no mufflers, they are completely open.  The sounds that come out of those pipes are glorious.  Bud-ump, bud-ump, b-b-bud-ump...every V-8 should take this class and hear how a race car sounds.

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Anonymous said...

It's my old Cobra and I miss hearing, seeing and driving it!
DO have fun with her.