Wednesday, March 11, 2015

REAL People at Boyd Cycling - Nicole and Boyd Johnson

 It seems everyone and their brother imports some kind of inexpensive carbon wheels these days.  Not every wheel maker is the same, however.  Boyd cycling is different.  The company is the brainchild of Boyd Johnson and his wife Nicole.  Nicole and my wife Deanna became friends years ago when Nicole worked at Hincapie.   

 At Boyd, they do things differently.  Like designing and building their own hubs.
 The Eternity hubs are lustworthy.  Boyd himself gave me a rundown of the technology involved in their latest design and it's awesome stuff.
They have a kick ass selection of fast wheels.  They also sponsor athletes and give back to their racing community.  In the future, we may see lots more exciting stuff from these guys.

I don't currently sell the wheels through the store I work at, but I'm compelled to spread the word about some great people that also have a great product and a top-notch business ethic.  Maybe I can do some business with them in the future.

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