Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Nice Day to Visit Mastodon State Park

 A gorgeous day to go exploring.  We took a trip to Mastodon State park.
 We took Rex along.  He loves the outdoors but he's quite a handful when it comes to keeping up with him.
 Rock Creek was beautiful today.  The photo shows a lot of green, but it was clear as can be.
 The creek cut through the landscape and it was pretty spectacular at points.
 A great view of one of the creeks that feed Rock Creek.  This one comes from the bluffs on the other side of Seckman road.
 There was a tree that crossed to the other bank spanning Rock Creek.
 Tyson decided to cross to the other side.  Eli was contemplating it.
 Tyson made it, Eli thought better.
 Then Tyson had to climb back onto the tree to make it back.
 We crossed Seckman road to check out the 2 1/2 mile hiking trail.  Much more rugged than the main side.  Cool bluffs line the edges.
 This is the creek that comes from the bluff.  It's routed under the road and eventually feeds into Rock Creek.
Tyson did a little rock climbing.  The place is so interesting.  And we didn't even see any Mastodons.

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