Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Camp at Mo-Val

 2014 was another year for us at the Mo-Val Family Camp.  The beautiful Mrs K grew up going to this camp with her family, and it's a semi-tradition now with ours.  It's been a few years since we have been able to go.  This year was really nice weather-wise, and the other families that gathered here with us for the Memorial day weekend were fine quality people as well.  Our cabin was Oakwood, and parked out front you can see our chairs and POS Blue, which I rode on the small circuit of hiking trails.  Tyson also did some riding with one of the other kids and they had a blast.
 Straight away, Tyson and Eli went fishing.  They are obsessed with fishing.  Here, Eli is celebrating his big catch on the first morning.  You can see the dock with the paddle boats in the background.
 Of course, Tyson is the true outdoorsman of our family.  He caught tons of big fish while we were there. He had to rescue Eli from having to remove his own fish from the hooks.  He saved a lot of other people, too.  I was usually doing something else when fish had to be removed from hooks.
 The first day was mostly overcast and cool.  In the background, another view of the dock and the lake.  Eli is the little guy in the blue life vest on the edge of the dock.  In the foreground is a picture of the Unibomber, I mean Photobomber.
 The pool was a bit green.  And chilly.  I think the water was 70 degrees.  Hell, I would have requested a wet suit.  Deanna, Tyson, and Eli were playing water basketball.  My family doesn't seem to understand what "Damn this water is cold!" means.
 Except for this one.  She knows darn good and well what cold water means.  She was sitting next to me on this bench watching everyone swim.  Notice her flip-flop tan.
 Hanna flashing me the horns.
 This is the artistic photo of the bunch.  That's Eli down by the edge of the water, fishing with his shirt off.  I love the lighting here.
 Wait, let Hanna take a selfie.
 The hay ride.  No hay, but a fun ride.  We were crammed into this beg trailer behind a tractor, and off into the woods we drove.
 On the hay ride, I snapped a picture of the platform that I helped build.  It's a platform for the kids to stand on when they start the ropes course.  It turned out pretty good, but I work on bikes, not wood.
 The start of the slip and slide.  That's our cabin up on the hill on the left.  This year's slip and slide was a little too cobbie for most.  It's always a big attraction, but this year the chosen spot was a little too rocky.
 A nice sunset over the lake as we passed over the dam.
 Grandpa is lost in thought as the kids play Tenzie.
On the last day, we made our family banner, complete with our Bible verse.  We have our cabin, our bikes on the trails, our tractor and hay wagon, our trees, our fishermen, our lake, and our kayaks all represented.

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