Sunday, May 18, 2014

Car Watching - 1993 Ford SVT Lightning

I wish I had gotten a better photo of this truck.  But, we'll go with what we have here.

The 1993 F-150 SVT Lightning truck was quite an odd duck in those days.  It sported a 351 with most of the Mustang Cobra's engine tricks (GT40 heads and such) as well as a host of other go-fast goodies.  A performance truck, you say?  While they may be normal today, in 1993 most trucks were not meant to go fast.  Later, the SVT truck became quite a monster.  Once it moved over to the "new" body style and Modular engine family, it sported overhead cams, a supercharger, etc.  That one became very popular at the drag strip.

What I find most striking is how small this "big" truck is.  In the background of my photo, you can see a modern F-150.  It dwarfs this 93.  In fact, this truck looks much more like a modern Ranger than an F-150.  This one is in really good shape, too. 

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