Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eli's Harry Potter Birthday Party

 For Eli's 8th birthday, he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party.  So the beautiful Mrs K made it happen for him in a big way.  The first photo shows Hanna, hard at work on the Hogwarts Express 9 3/4 platform sign that awaited the kids at the front door.  She did a fantastic job.
 Next came Eli's Quidditch outfit, complete with "Potter" on the back.
 Deanna went all out on the grandparent's basement, complete with stone walls, floating candles, and a nice spread for the kids to eat cake.
 And what Potter party would be complete without the sweets?
 The Quidditch field was super cool.  The goal rings were hula hoops on stakes.
 The sign to let the kids know where the action was.
 Max and Deanna, both dead ringers for Weasley kids, explain the game to the party goers.  At first, the idea was to have the broomstick between their legs during play, but that was a bit...awkward.
 After the brooms were broomed, the action was fierce.  The kids LOVED the game!
 What can you say to this?  An awesome cake for an awesome dude.
Everyone was anxious to get some of that Hogwarts cake.  A shout out to Deanna for making a wonderful party come together for the junior Kakouris kid.  And thanks to Hanna, Tyson, and Max for helping with the party.  Of course we can't forget Grandma and Grandpa for allowing the Hogwarts Express to crash into their home!  Thank you!

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