Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LaVista 'Cross race goes well

Thanks to Mike Dawson for the fabulous photo from LaVista!

Last year, I gushed about how well-suited the LaVista course was for my...ahem...strengths.  LaVista is a permanent 'cross course in Godfrey, Illinois.  It's a course with short straights, many corners, and lots of ways to get out of sight.  Last year I raced in the open class with the fast guys and got third.

This year, continuing my reality training, I raced with the masters.  Since the master's race starts one minute behind the Open field, I figured I could race guys my age and still see how close I could come to competing with the faster, younger crowd.  It worked out pretty well, as I was able to get a pretty good lead on the old guys and move up a bit into the Open field.  But only just.   I caught just a few of the Open guys, and it looked like I would have gotten a whoopin' from at least 5 of guys leading that race.

Oh well.  Even though the course was bumpy, I still consider it a must-do on the race calendar.  And the barriers were perfect for bunny hopping!

Onward and upward.

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