Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hermann Cyclocross Race!

I have taken some real beatings at the Hermann cyclocross races over the last 5+ years.  There have been some good races there, for sure.  But I don't often come home excited about my placing.

Tonight, I raced the Masters 40+ class instead of the Pro/1/2.  And I won.  Go figure.  As much as I wish that I could compete for the win in a faster P12 race like Hermann, it's much more realistic for me to just admit that I'm not that good and race with guys like me.  It was fun, it was a really competitive race, and I loved it.

Love the city of Hermann, and I really love this race.  I'm very happy that I was finally able to put together a nice podium finish to round out my enthusiasm for the event.
I can barely contain my enthusiasm for my night as I stood on the podium with the leader's jersey on.  Hanna, the horns are for you!  I gave the leader's jersey back because I'm not racing tomorrow's event.  It was perfect just to wear one for once in my life.

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Juliet Hudson said...

Hey, This is super cool. What an awesome achievement and I love your photo. It's the best! The competition isn't about the other racers it's about the little voice inside your head that wants to quit. That's the real opponent right! What a great example for your kids too. Congrats my friend!