Saturday, August 25, 2012

March toward "Ward Cleaver-ism" is Nearly Complete

Mustang convertibles sure are fun.  And I'm going to miss mine.  There is only so much cash to be able to feed that thing, and there are three kids that need stuff, like shoes and toothpaste.

So I present to you Sensible Shoes.  My friend Todd may take exception to that term, because he is the past and present owner of THE sensible shoes automobiles.  But, I'll take partial ownership of the name and call it good.  Since picking this up at the dealership last night, driving through stoplights, subdivisions and on the highway, I'm averaging 31.7mpg.  That same little ritual with the Mustang netted about 20mpg.  All said and done, I will pocket about $200 a month versus the ownership cost of the convertible.

If you see me driving this gem through your town, just call me Ward.

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