Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. Joe State Park MTB Race and Father's Day

 We took the family wagon down to Farmington for the St. Joe MTB race.  Hanna, the good pre-teen that she is, took full advantage of electronic entertainment.
 It was hot, but not nearly as bad as Saturday.  Rain really cooled it off and settled the course nicely.  Quite a few Experts lined up.
 Is that a Deciduous or a Conifer type tree?
 Is that my lip that I see?
My race was going pretty well for 1 and a 1/2 laps.  I was trying to keep Chris Ploch in sight for 2nd place and I flatted.  It was the longest flat fix of my life.  Seriously, it took more than 10 minutes.  My thru-axle was caked in dirt and I didn't realize it.  I'll say it again:  My rookie errors, after 33 years of racing, still amaze me.  But, I did finish the race.  Oh, how I wanted to quit and pack up and go home.  I have done that too many times, and it's time to set a better example for my children. 

And later, we ate a nice dinner at Grandma's for Father's Day!

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