Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indian Camp Creek 3/6/12 Hour Endurance Race

 Normally, I have about 2 hours of racing in my bones before I fall apart.  And Saturday's race at Indian Camp Creek really hit that nail on the head.  Here I am (717 in the blue Big Shark stuff) starting the 3 hour race with the hordes of riders in all of the categories.
 I swore I was just going to follow wheels for the mile or so of asphalt and gravel road before the single track started.  As you can see, I fell back into old patterns and hit the front and never looked back.  You can see Sam Moore, Jeremy Bock, and Andy Hunsaker in hot pursuit. 
 Minutes into the trail, we formed a 4 man group and went away.  Myself, Sam, Jeremy, and Justin Bowen turned it into a cross country race pretty quickly.  The trail was delicious single track.  And dusty, too.
 Jeremy and Sam took off from me right about the time I figured it would the two hour mark.  After that point, I was just surviving.  The course was perfect for me, though, and I nursed it in for 2nd place overall.  Sam went on to get 2nd place in the 6 hour.  I was so glad I was not going any longer than 3 hours!!
On the podium with Jeremy and Brad Brown, another great rider from Cape Girardeau.  Like last year, the trophies were really cool, plus there were great raffle prizes as well as a nice cash payout.

Put this race on your calendar for next year.  It's a quality event.  Thanks to Darla Chilton and Karena for the photos!

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