Sunday, July 31, 2011

road ride, flat tire

today was hot. i went riding around noon. and i got a flat tire.

the expletives that left my mouth came out in completely natural streams that i could not repeat even if i tried...they were that good.

sweat streamed from my wretched, overheated carcass like a punctured radiator hose. as i was finally getting my co2 inflator situated onto the valve, i noticed a puddle under me. actually, 3 puddles...a puddle for each streaming elbow and a puddle from my streaming chin.

let's just say i'm a sweater.

on i rode. no more spares. halfway through a 4o mile ride and no spares. that's ok, i thought. no need to fix another flat. i would perish from dehydration anyway. as fate would have it, i punctured no more and finished my ride.

bring on the fall.

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