Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bike riding, mountain and road

since it is nearly impossible for me to get in a bike race these days (tuesday night training races notwithstanding) i have taken great pains to get out and ride. i know, it might sound strange, but it truly is an either/or proposition. every day life has forced me to choose between the two.

thursday, at the urging of the great mr. weaver, i ventured out to cliff cave to find all sorts of cool new trails. i was hot, sticky, drenched in sweat, and miserable, but it was worth it and i vowed to go again. and i did, sunday afternoon. again, i was hot, sticky, and drenched in sweat, but not quite miserable and i had a great ride. man, those twists and turns are fun. hats off to the gorc crew for building the new trails.

and tonight, instead of heading back toward home for the tuesday night crits, i did a road ride in the beautiful hills of wildwood. and it was hot, sticky...well, you get the idea. i did have a good ride, though. my climbing feels good, but my recovery is for the birds.

i'll keep riding as much as i can for now, and maybe i can return to racing at the cape girardeau mtb race that i love so much close to labor day.

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