Tuesday, May 24, 2011

racing season officially started, lessons learned

the whole off-the-front crew, mitch johnson, greg ott, the holtman's, jfp...and i'm sure i'm forgetting a few, but they turned out a quality event at indian camp creek park. it was a 3/6 hour endurance mountain bike event, and i wisely chose the 3 hour solo event.

the only endurance event i have done in the past was burnin' at the bluff. that doesn't count because i did it as a team. i picked this as my first event for two reasons: i HAVE to start sometime, and the beautiful mrs k sponsored the event with a fist full of cash. no excuses, i had to race today.

cross country events are almost always 2 hours or less. at least the ones that i do. so stretching my racing another hour was tough. especially since i have been a slave to my recalcitrant pancreas for the last few months. not much riding. no racing. evil pancreas.

there was a ton of people there! we did a lemans style start, where we run to our bikes parked down the way. i got into position pretty well and ended up riding with some familiar faces for most of the race. sam moore and i rode together for a while, and he was doing the solo 6 hour. after quite a bit of pushing each other, he wisely slowed to 6 hour pace, because he was killing them and didn't need to stay with me. chris ploch was killing me, and for 2 hours i successfully held back jeff yielding. but, it's a 3 hour event, right? oh, yeah. jeff pummeled me on lap 4. i limped in to the finish at 2:45 and opted not to do another lap. so, i took third out of a pretty big field.

lessons learned? i'm not a 3 hour endurance athlete. i should ride more. i should have a prosthetic pancreas made as soon as possible.

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