Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i can still ride a mountain bike

as luck would have it, the psycho rain showers that have plagued our great city for months did not ruin my mountain bike ride on tuesday night. i drove to castlewood after work and i was fully prepared to do wicked hill repeats up cardiac hill to avoid the muddy mess that i thought the trails would be in, but i was treated to some of the best soil i have seen in a while.

it's a shame that i felt like a wet dish rag. the humidity was right up there into sauna territory, and i am still quite unrecovered from whatever life-threatening illness i did or did not have. i did make the best of it, though. in fact, i went back this morning and hit the trails again. i felt no better. in fact probably much worse. and the humidity was legendary.

but i rode my mountain bike, dammit. and i liked it.

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