Sunday, September 05, 2010

gateway cup, saturday

the kids had a much better saturday. they were disappointed in friday's race. i told them that they should have fun and try their hardest. well, for eli that meant leading the whole way then sitting up and smiling at the crowd. that cost him a couple of places, but he had a lot of fun and got third.
he was so happy to get his ribbon. i set a 16" wheel bike up for him today, maybe he can get the big wheels rolling.
tyson was rippin' it up. a couple of kids on road bikes really flew down the course, but tyson held on for 3rd.
hanna was NOT happy about friday night. i told her that if she wanted to go faster, she had to want to go faster. and she did.
it was utter and total destruction. they separated the boys and girls because of the massive number of riders, and she smoked 'em. they had 19 girls and 25 boys in the two 9-10 groups.

thanks again to flannery allison, who took all of the beautiful photos.

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