Wednesday, September 08, 2010

a few recent photos

hanna after the races at the hill on sunday. she got second after a great battle with another girl. thanks flannery allison for the photo.
tyson going full tilt at the hill race. he ended up 3rd on the day. flannery allison.
deanna and eli share a moment at the hill race. thanks flannery allison for the photo.
dave cummings and i at the hill race. like the $12.99 quik trip sunglasses? i do. flannery allison.
hanna is telling me that i didn't do too bad at the hill race. i did do bad, but i love her for telling me that i didn't. flannery allison.
hat and glasses day at m-rh high school, 1984. it's not recent, but it was recently sent to me by a school mate so it counts.
my good friend todd took this photo of eli just after the finish of the 3-4 kids race on the hill. he looks like he's lookin' for mom. he got second on his 16" wheel bike! it still has training wheels, so we have to work on that.
this is a great photo taken at the mtb race in cape girardeau a couple weekends ago. this is at the top of the "hill" where all the crazies were partying whilst we were suffering. many thanks to allen meeks for this photo!

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Chris said...

That mustache rocks!! Let's do like George and Jerry and grow one and then we'll take vacations from being ourselves.