Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bike Projects This Week

 First, the fun one.  I installed the reproduction Skyway Graphite Tuff Wheels on the Redline.  They look awesome.  They are heavy, though.  Like, heavy.  But they have super smooth cartridge bearings and they're straight...something Tuff Wheels in the past have not been.  The nobby tires suck.  Not because they're nobby, but they're just cheap tires.  They look so 1982, though.  I will most likely put the awful rubber into the trash can and try something else.
 I climbed 8400 feet this week, mostly on the Cannondale Habit.  And for most of those 8400 feet, I entertained a creak.  Ug.  Tonight, I took apart the rear end and put it back together.  It was the easiest suspension rebuild I've done.  Thoughtful collets are used at the main pivot and at the link pivot, and bearings are everywhere.  Since there were no PDF's or owner's guides yet for this model, I winged it and I'm very pleased.  My next 8400 feet should be serene.
The ancient but useful Schwinn Homegrown was subjected to a little teenager abuse the other night.  Let's just say that it had a 29" tube in the front and no front brake pads when it returned.  I still have to true the wheel, but at least the Beautiful Mrs K can ride it again if she chooses.

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