Monday, March 07, 2016

Cliff Cave, Auto Mechanics, and Running Out of Gas

 I pulled on my big boy pants yesterday and took the new Anthem over to Cliff Cave for a little mild single-track action.  Despite the abundance of walkers and long-leashed dogs, it was glorious.  I can't exactly pull on the handlebars yet, but I still rode the bluff side of the trail a couple times, just to be sure my ribs still hurt.  Confirmed!
 I put the finishing touches on the new Cobra air cleaner.  There is always the issue of under-hood clearance when working in there, and air cleaner choice is a big part of that.  When I finished, the valve covers, air cleaner, and oil fill cap all matched and no hoods were harmed in the process.
 Another view, just because.
 Despite bleeding the bejesus out of the brake system last weekend, it still takes the quads of a sprinter to haul the car down.  That's because it's a completely manual power brakes.  But the initial bite is missing, too.  I took the pads and rotors off for inspection, the hardest part of this was removing and replacing the wheels....again those pesky ribs.
The pads and rotors had an awful glaze on them.  Not to mention quite a bit of uneven brake pad deposits.  A little bit of rust pitting on the rears, too. I sanded each surface to a nice new sheen and did a bit of bedding-in once I finished.  Better bite, for sure.  And, I ran out of gas during this time, 100 feet from the gas station, too.  That was karma for not fixing the gas gauge yet.

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