Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Cobra, a Fusion and a Driving Kind of Day

 I've been planning on getting this thing into my garage for a couple months now.  I need to figure out how to get the electric fans to kick on. So, to get it from Chesterfield to Affton, I needed a cold day, and some partners in crime.  I settled for a cool day and some partners in crime.  No, the little creep in the seat didn't drive.
 I white-knuckled it the whole time.  It hasn't been driven a lot, and it's rarely seen highway time.  So with Eli in the passenger seat, we trundled along at 55mph on the highway.  Eli liked it...I was practically hyperventilating.
 How did we make it happen?  This sweet young thing, driving up to see me for the first time, was a big help.  I drove Hanna, Tyson, and Eli out to retrieve the Cobra.  Tyson helped me pump up the tires, put gas in the tank, and off we went.  Hanny drove Tyson and my Fusion home while I pissed off every driver in West County by driving a race car too slowly.  They'll get over it.
And when it was over, Hanna treated us all to Starbucks.  I love her.

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