Sunday, January 03, 2016

Flood Photos with Eli

 I know you are probably tired of seeing flood photos, but Eli and I wanted to go out and see what we could see. First photo, looking at River Des Peres east, as it runs into the underside of the Morganford bridge.  Normally, there is about 20-25 feet between the bottom of this bridge and the floor of River Des Peres.
 The Highway 55 overpass.
 Again with the Highway 55 overpass, but this view has the water almost at eye level.
 Looking east at the Highway 55 overpass.  Normally, water would not be in this field of view at all.
 Eli, standing in front of the Mississippi river at the River City Casino.  The barges in the background are anchored, and they tower over us and the river.
 The path at River City is under water.
 When walking up to the barges that are anchored at River City, it's easy to mistake them for a row of apartment buildings because they are higher than the surrounding  land.  It's an unbelievable view that I wish the camera could catch.
 Can't take River City Blvd west.  River Des Peres is completely over the road all of the way to Lemay Ferry.
 It's a big lake instead of a semi-active drainage ditch.
Awesome view.  Again, one could mistake River Des Peres for a lake.  This is usually a ditch, some 30 feet deep for miles, and usually void of water.

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