Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015 - Chubb Trail with a Cannondale Habit

 To my surprise, I awoke today to sunny skies and 60 degree temps.  After getting caught out at Castlewood yesterday in a deluge, I was shocked.  Could the stars have aligned, for once, so that I could actually ride a demo bike on a cool trail in great conditions? 
 The answer was certainly, YES!
 The Cannondale Habit is a lineup of 27.5 trail bikes with 120mm of travel and fun packed into every millimeter of carbon goodness. 
 The one I was gifted is close to the top.  It's (gulp) $7000-ish dollars.  But never once did I feel like I needed to be careful with this investment that wasn't mine.  On the contrary.
 The trail was incredible and so was the bike.  So much control, so much speed, so much climbing fun.  The grip when scrambling up the technical shelves and rock croppings was a huge surprise. This, folks, is the modern day "trail bike".  Blurred, almost obliterated, are the lines between racing bikes and trail bikes.
I haven't been feeling too hot lately, really worn down and tired.  I kept riding as hard as I could anyway, not wanting to give this day up.  And the Habit was like a damn puppy, always trying to keep me jumping and moving.  Shoot, more like 101 Dalmaitans. I got tons of compliments out on the trail from the throngs of people that were thinking exactly as I was.  It looked GOOD on the back of my car, too.

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