Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

 This year on our trip to Jefferson Barracks, only Eli could make it.  The other kids had events.  So, we visited my Dad's grave site, just Deanna, Eli, and myself.
We waited until the evening hours, as it's become quite the mad house during the day on Memorial Day....with over 190,000 buried here during the 150 years of it's existence, it sees a lot of action on this day.  It's fascinating to see the rows upon rows of head stones, and yet, many of the head stones you don't even see because they are flat, rather than upright.

My Dad would have loved my kids.  I've often imagined his interactions with them.  Then again, I'm thinking of him as I knew him in the 1980's.  He would be 97 this year, and even if he was in good health, it would have been hard for him to make it to this point.  But, one can dream.

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Cindi Hintz said...

Beautiful Tim. You dad was one of a kind. Gentle and compassionate. I loved him to death!! He would have been 97 and Grams 111. Imagine that!!

RIP Uncle George!