Friday, December 13, 2013

Broken stuff

 (photo by Mike Dawson)
This was how I started Sunday at the Missouri State Championship Cyclocross race.
And this was how I ended it.

I fell soon after the photo was taken.  Not hard at all.  Just twisted my ankle 90 degrees to my leg on the way down.  Felt (and heard!) it pop.  Had some very kind people escort me to my car, drove myself to Urgent Care, and x-rays confirmed that my fibula was broken.

It hurts.  But it will only be 3 weeks before I can put weight on it.  That's New Years Day for those that are counting.  After that, it's a new assault on mountain bike racing.  It's time to do what I have to do.


finley said...

Bummer!! Glad you will only be out for a few weeks, though (I guess that's good?)


TK said...

Yes, Fin. It's all good. Minor setback.

Jane Daniels said...

It sounded from others as thought you were in a walking cast. Bummer. Are you able to get around with crutches, knee scooter, or do you have to stay off your feet completely?